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BearingPoint’s diverse, independent and customizable SAM Managed Service and SAM Advisory Services help you understand and optimize your software assets and licenses to lower costs, avoid risks and guarantee compliance.

What is Software Asset Management (SAM)?

Software asset management comprises methodologies, technologies and processes designed to optimize, manage and strategize software licenses and entitlements across the entirety of an organization. 

Incorporating planning, procurement, usage and retirement, SAM provides an all-encompassing view of a business’ software inventory, ensuring compliance with vendor audits, optimizing IT costs, managing risks and helping align software to wider business strategies.

BearingPoint’s SAM offering can be employed on a separate, targeted, project-by-project basis – SAM Advisory – or as a managed service, to benefit from our experts’ understanding over a longer term.

Cost SavingsOptimize your software costs

Keeping track of software licenses and entitlements across your entire company can be problematic, leading to over-licensing, unnecessary infrastructure, over-utilization and subsequent cost increases. 

Our SAM Service removes this uncertainty, allowing you to achieve cost efficiency by aligning your software inventory to your current and future business needs. An increased understanding gives you the upper hand in contract re-negotiations and lets you take advantage of rebates and volume discounts when purchasing software.



Control and manage your IT assetsControl and manage your IT assets

If your business has large volumes of varying software licenses utilized across thousands of devices, keeping track of your portfolio is bound to be a complex, labor-intensive effort. On top of that, decentralized software management can reduce digital security, as well as making it more difficult for employees to access the software they need to excel.

With SAM, all software assets can be standardized, viewed, analyzed and allotted quickly and easily.

BearingPoint’s tailored, self-service report-making tool conducts the time-consuming computation in order to free up time for your staff to manage, analyze, report and act on your software licenses – a much more efficient and valuable use of their time.


Improved complianceImprove your compliance

It’s not a question of whether your organization will get audited, it’s only a question of when. Software companies have both the right and incentive to conduct audits of their customers, and if your business does not recognize the risks or is complacent about non-compliance, it could face significant fines and penalties, and your vendor relationships could suffer.

Our one-off SAM Advisory Services and our SAM Managed Service provide excellent protection against software audits, reducing the risk to a minimum. By helping you use the right type and the right number of licenses, you can quickly and easily respond to audit requests, confident knowing that you’re fulfilling your contractual duties. 

BearingPoint’s SAM Portfolio

BearingPoint’s SAM Advisory Services are grouped within three portfolios – SAM License Advisory, SAM Tool Advisory and SAM Process Advisory. Every service within these portfolios can be utilized as a one-off project or operated as part of a SAM Managed Service strategy.

The BearingPoint approach to SAM allows you to shape your advisory or managed service requirements in any combination as you see fit. Whatever your existing or future needs, our services can be tailored towards them.

And for an even more encompassing solution to your software needs, all SAM services, part of BearingPoint Software Compliance Services, can also be seamlessly paired with free and open source software (FOSS) management and Software Security Services.

What is your SAM maturity level?

The first step to improving your organization’s approach to SAM is understanding your maturity level. This benchmarking exercise allows our experts to select the services that will deliver the greatest benefits for your business and provide you with a roadmap to complete optimization.

SAM Maturity levels

For a free analysis of your business’ SAM maturity level, click here to download our questionnaire, fill in your responses, then email it to Our team will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible.

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