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BearingPoint’s diverse, independent and customizable SAM as a managed service and SAM consulting services help you understand and optimize your software assets and licenses to lower costs, avoid risks and guarantee compliance.

What is software asset management (SAM)?

Software asset management comprises methodologies, technologies and processes designed to optimize, manage and strategize software licenses and entitlements across the entirety of an organization.

Incorporating planning, procurement, usage and retirement, SAM provides an all-encompassing view of a business’ software inventory, ensuring compliance with vendor audits, optimizing IT costs, managing risks and helping align software to wider business strategies.

BearingPoint’s SAM offering can be employed on a separate, targeted, project-by-project basis – SAM consulting – or as a managed service, benefiting from our experts’ understanding over a longer term.

Why invest in software asset management as a managed service?

Today’s businesses are entirely reliant on software, yet their approach to managing that software is all too often outdated or overly complex. Insufficient and fragmented information on the number and type of software licenses across a company can lead to threats including vendor audit penalties, security breaches and cost overruns.

BearingPoint’s SAM as a managed service (SAMMS), solves these problems, ensuring your business’ software management processes are fit for purpose and properly optimized. A medium to long-term solution, it combines different services to protect your organization, even as your software portfolio develops.

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