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Tailored and independent, SAM as a managed service (SAMMS) is designed to align with your business’ exact requirements and adapt alongside them, whatever your current SAM state.

Software asset management as a managed service

In order to enjoy the greatest benefits of SAM, it’s important that every field within a software life cycle, whether it’s planning, procurement, inventory, usage or retirement, is connected and properly managed.

This way, varying SAM services can work alongside and complement one another quickly and efficiently, leaving businesses to enjoy the benefits of fully harmonized SAM services without having to factor in time-consuming administration or the responsibility of avoiding increased costs and audit risks.

BearingPoint’s SAMMS offering is formed around this model. Our experts assess your business’ SAM needs, before aligning these with our extensive list of SAM services, grouped within three portfolios. These are then seamlessly provided to you within a self-service report-creation tool and service status dashboard, each easily accessed and constantly available to provide insight into your SAM tools, licenses, processes and more.

What is your software asset management maturity level?

The first step to improving your organization’s approach to SAM is understanding your maturity level. This benchmarking exercise allows our experts to select the services that will deliver the greatest benefits for your business, as well as providing you with a roadmap to complete optimization.

For a free analysis of your business’ SAM maturity level, click here to download our questionnaire, fill in your responses, then email to Our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

BearingPoint’s software asset management portfolios

All BearingPoint’s SAM services are grouped within three portfolios – SAM advisory and license services, SAM tool services and SAM process services. Every service within these portfolios can be utilized on a single-project SAM consulting basis or operated as part of a wider SAMMS strategy.

The BearingPoint approach to SAM allows you to shape your consulting or managed service requirements in any combination as you see fit. Whatever your existing or future needs, our services can be tailored towards them.

And for an even more encompassing solution to your software needs, all SAM services, part of BearingPoint Software Compliance Services, can also be seamlessly paired with free and open source software (FOSS) management and Software Security Services.

How BearingPoint delivers SAMMS

While individual SAM consulting projects can be beneficial for businesses with limited SAM needs – vendor audits, for instance – the use of multiple services as part of a wider, managed strategy is much more effective, especially if your business has a low SAM maturity level.

BearingPoint’s approach is built on this understanding, with flexibility, direct customer contact and advanced language skills all crucial parts of our process.

On deciding to work with BearingPoint, your organization’s SAM requirements will be examined by our joint governance board, who will analyze your business to discover which services align properly with your needs. This board also provides BearingPoint’s SAM compliance services.

Once your SAM requirements are understood and a managed service strategy is formulated to address them, BearingPoint’s Service Delivery Centre provides the solution. Whether your needs include SAMMS, FOSS, Software Security Services or any combination of the three, they create a seamless, totally customized platform. This is followed by continuous review in order to identify and address issues, gaps and improvement opportunities with your service line-up.

All BearingPoint’s SAM services are provided free of software vendor partnerships and reseller conditions, guaranteeing you independent, trusted advisory services.

BearingPoint’s interconnected, self-service SAM

All your BearingPoint SAM services will be provided to you within a self-service tool and dashboard.

With these, you’ll be able to produce reports regarding software installed on your company’s assets, showing your utilization and areas where improvements can be made, and view status information concerning all your services and tools, with traffic light information clearly displayed via a dashboard.

This simple, combined functionality is far more effective than working across countless portals, dashboards and tools, saving time and lowering costs by allowing a single person to manage the software life cycle within your company. SAMMS at your fingertips, at any time.

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