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Tailored and independent, we designed the SAM Managed Service to align with your business’s exact requirements and adapt alongside them, whatever your current SAM state.

SAM Managed Service

To enjoy the greatest benefits of SAM, it’s important that every field within a software life cycle, whether it’s planning, procurement, inventory, usage or retirement, is connected and properly managed. This way, varying SAM services can work alongside and complement one another, leaving businesses to enjoy the benefits of harmonized SAM services without having to factor in time-consuming administration or the responsibility of avoiding increased costs and audit risks. 

We form our SAM Managed Service around this model. Our experts assess your business’s SAM needs and align them with our extensive list of SAM services. We then provide access to these services within a self-service report-creation tool and a service status dashboard to offer insight into your SAM tools, licenses, processes and more.

How BearingPoint delivers the SAM Managed Service

While individual SAM advisory projects are more valuable for businesses with limited or specific SAM needs, the SAM Managed Service can be used as part of a wider IT strategy to leverage our expert resources, refined processes and intellectual property.  BearingPoint's SAM Managed Service is based on this approach, where flexibility, direct customer contact and advanced language skills are key elements of our services.

Within our SAM Managed Service, we tailor the independent SAM advisory components according to your needs and deliver them as an ongoing service:

License Advisory - compliance analysis, maintenance and optimization of license positions.
Tool Advisory - tool evaluation, tool tender, setup and implementation.
Process Advisory - assessment, design, transformation, and continuous improvement of your SAM processes.

We provide our SAM Managed Service with the help of a self-service tool and dashboard, enabling you to generate reports, to view status information concerning your services and tools, helping you to seize the value of your optimization potential. 
This simple, combined functionality is far more effective than working across countless portals, dashboards and tools, saving time and lowering costs by allowing a single person to manage the software life cycle within your company. SAM Managed Service at your fingertips.

We provide all our SAM Services free of software vendor partnerships and reseller conditions, guaranteeing you independent, trusted advisory services.

Drivers for investing in a SAM Managed Service

Today’s businesses are entirely reliant on software, yet their approach to managing that software is all too often outdated or overly complex. Insufficient and fragmented information on the number and type of software licenses across a company can lead to threats including vendor audit penalties, security breaches and cost overruns.

  • Complex contracts, vast software licensing options, everchanging usage rights and the absence of required in-house SAM skills, increase the effort required for an effective software asset management (SAM).
  • Cloud-based computing and cloud software licensing complexity has been causing challenges in managing software consumption, making it more difficult for an in-house SAM operation, this being overwhelmed by the breadth of requirements and the depth of complexity.
  • The SAM Managed Service can be used to manage the end-to-end process, but it is usually focused on high priorities within the software portfolio that represents the greatest value or the highest risk. This requires detailed information upon certain vendors and their software licensing particularities.

Our SAM Managed Service solves these problems, ensuring that your SAM processes are fit for purpose and properly optimized. A medium to long-term solution, it combines different services to protect your organization, even as your software portfolio develops.  Having a SAM Managed Service in place can, in some cases, satisfy software publishers and prevent the need for an audit.

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