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Optimize your SAM processes with BearingPoint’s SAM consulting and SAM as a managed service (SAMMS), achieving compliance, lowering costs and saving time to deliver lasting benefits to your operations.

What is software asset management processes?

Your SAM processes need to be fit for your organization – if they’re not, you may experience increased costs, a misuse of staff resources and even open your business up to the risk of failed software audits. BearingPoint’s SAM processes portfolio addresses these issues, providing you with definitive insight into which processes will provide you the most enduring benefits.

Like all our portfolios, SAM processes services can be chosen and used alongside any other portfolio service, as well as free and open source software (FOSS) management and Software Security Services. These can be utilized as part of a SAM as a managed service (SAMMS) or on a single-project SAM consulting basis.

Our SAM processes portfolio includes the following:

SAM process maturity analysis, roadmap and strategy

We analyze the maturity level of your current SAM processes, advising on what you can do to achieve more efficient, secure operations.

ISO 19770 analysis for SAM processes

BearingPoint analyses your SAM processes in line with the ISO 19770 international IT asset management standards.

Roles, policies and best practice

In this service, BearingPoint focuses on the roles, policies and best practice procedures your company has in place regarding its SAM processing and analysis, offering insight on how to improve them.

Audit and contract processing compliance analysis

BearingPoint analyses your software license contract and audit processing procedures, providing measurements, tasks and support to help you improve and better protect yourself from compliance risks.

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